Crispy Tofu Pad Thai

Do you want to make something unique and special for you dear and near ones? This crispy tofu pad Thai recipe discusses about making such a dish.


Preparing tofu

1) The tofu should be placed on some paper towels after draining and some more towels must placed over the tofu as well. You need to leave it at a safe place for 10 minutes after keeping a heavy object over the tofu. 10 minutes are the minimum duration and you can even keep it for 30 minutes. More amount of excess liquid can be pressed by increasing the time.

2) Once it is done, tofu needs to be cut into cubes (1/2 or 3/4-inch).

Making the noodles

1) Noodles have to be placed in a big bowl and hot water should be poured to cover. Allow

them to soak for 10 minutes.

2) The noodles should be drained and they must be kept at a safe place.

Making the sauce

1) Chili powder, brown sugar, tamarind and fish sauce need to be stirred together.

2) The flavor balance has to be adjusted after tasting and set aside.

Making crisp the tofu

1) A frying pan should be heated for 60 seconds and the heat needs to be kept high.

2) A tablespoon of oil must be added and heated for another one minute.

3) Then, tofu cubes added and after reducing the heat to medium-high, they must be cooked to turn browned underneath.

4) For turning them, a thin spatula should be used and cooked some more to make all sides crisp and golden.

5) Paper towels have to be used for draining and seasoning needs to be done while staying hot using chile powder and salt.

Making the pad Thai

1) In the hot pan, some glug oil should be added and once it becomes hot, radishes, shallots and garlic have to be cooked for a minute.

2) Sauce and noodles must be cooked and you need to ensure that sauce is absorbed by noodles. 2 tablespoons water can be added in batches until they are cooked in full manner. The noodles can be broken into shorter chunks. It is a good idea to use a spatula.

3) Fifty percent of the garlic chives and beans should be tossed to combine.

Final step

1) After pushing to the side, egg must be cracked and added into empty area of pan.

2) Once you find halfway cooked, scrambling has to be started and mixed into noodles.

3) The crispy tofu back should be added to the pan and tossed to combine.

4) It has to be transferred to plate.

5) Extra garnishes should left around the rim in little piles.

6) Lime juice has to be squeezed over prior to eating.