Late Summer Abundance Bowl

How to make a perfect late summer abundance bowl? You can follow this recipe to learn how to make the best one. Sorghum, chickpeas and salad must be placed in a bowl. Cilantro and flaky sea salt should be sprinkled if you want prior to serving. This late summer abundance bowl recipe offers you a yield of 3 to 4 servings.



Coconut curry Sorghum

1) After rinsing sorghum, it should be placed in a pot and few inches or centimeters of water must be sued to cover it.

2) Vinegar needs to be added and it should be kept aside for 8 hours. (Overnight is the best option) Then, sorghum should be drain rinsed and added to a pot with salt, lemon, all spices and 2 1/2 cups of water.

3) They should be brought to a boil and heat should be reduced to simmer and cooked for 45 to 60 minutes uncovered. Make sure that the sorghum becomes tender and chewy.

4) If you find any crunch in the grain after water absorption, you have to add additional half cup of water must be added and simmered to make the grains tender.

5) Sorghum needs to be taken out of heat and whole spices and lemons have to be removed.

6) The coconut milk should be poured in and folded to combine properly.

7) The coconut milk will be absorbed by the sorghum as it cools down.

Kachumber Salad

1) Cumin seeds must be toasted in a dry skillet by keeping heat at medium. You can stop when fragrance comes out.

2) The tomatoes should be cut into any shape you prefer based on the size of the fruit.

3) They have to be placed in a big bowl and chili, cilantro and sliced cucumber need to be added.

4) Salt, lime juice and olive oil have to be whisked together. This mixture has to be poured over the cucumber and tomatoes and folded in gentle way to combine.

5) Before serving, cumin seeds must be sprinkled in.