Roasted Tomato & Pancetta Picnic Quiches

This roasted tomato & pancetta picnic quiches recipe discusses how to make ideally portable tartlets for a picnic. You can make 10 servings with this roasted tomato & pancetta picnic quiches recipe and total time needed for making this dish is two hours and 15 minutes.



1) Oven has to be preheated to 390 Degree Fahrenheit/350 Degree Fahrenheit fan/gas 6.

2) After placing the tomatoes in the roasting tin, olive oil must be drizzled in and seasoned. Tomatoes have to be roasted for 20 to 30 minutes and you can stop when they begin to darken and shrink. Once it is done, you can take it out and set aside to cool.

3) Pancetta has to be dry-fried and they need to be golden in color and crisp as well. Pancetta should be placed on a plate that is lined with kitchen paper and keep it at a safe place to cool.

4) For making the pastry, 1/2 teaspoon salt and flour should be pulsed couple of times and after adding butter, it should be whizzed for 20 seconds. You have to ensure that you get a fine crumb.

5) When the process or is working, one egg yolk and two to three tablespoons of ice-cold water must be added.

6) All these ingredients have to be mixed well to create a dough and then, dough should be taken out and pressed it into a lump.

7) It should be wrapped in a cling film and chilled for 30 minutes.

8) After resting, the work surface must be dusted using a small amount of flour and the dough needs to be rolled out to a thin layer. The thickness needs to be close to a lasagne sheet.

9) Every tartlet tin must be lined using pastry and it should be done by cutting a circle around a plate that is a bit larger than the tins.

10) The pastry has to be pressed into the fluted edge and permit the extra to fall over the top edge. Rolling pin needs to be run over the tin tops for trimming the pastry.

11) The pastry off-cuts should be re-rolled so that all tins can be lined. Then, they have to be placed in the fridge for 30 minutes to make them firm.

12) After heating oven to 390 Degree Fahrenheit/350 Degree Fahrenheit fan/gas 6, the tart cases should be lined with baking beans and parchment and they should be baked for 10 minutes.

13) Then, paper and beans need to be removed and baked for another 5 minutes. You can stop when they become golden in color lightly.

14) When the cases come out, egg white should be used to brush all cases so that a seal is created for safeguarding the pastry from getting wet because of the filling. It also makes the pastry case crisper.

15) Half portion of the grated cheese should be scattered and the pancetta has to be crumbled into every tart case. Roasted tomatoes have to be nestled in prior to topping with the remaining cheese.

16) Black pepper, cream and remaining eggs must be beaten together in a jug. Basil should be added and beaten again to blend properly. A baking tray has to be placed in the oven for heating up and quiches have to be added to the tray. The egg mixture needs to be poured over the filling to make the cases full.

17) It needs to be baked for 20 to 25 minutes until turned golden and also puffed up. After setting aside to cool, it can be chilled in the fridge till you want to serve.